Silverkin, ASSEMBLE!

Basically we will be experimenting with 4E rules and characters, and hopefully building a foundation for an epic world and campaign. The format we play in allows for people to drop in and out, and to own multiple characters.

World: We are creating a new world, but we are stealing heavily from pretty much everything we think is cool. This will be updated as the world takes shape.

City: Silvercrag, Silver mining city, situated at the crossroads of the Feywoods, the capital city to the north, mountains simply known as The Crags, and a coastal town of Able.
Player Home Base: Silverkin Headquarters. Rundown mercenary company, can the players return them to glory?!

Rotating DM: We all want to play characters, so players are all taking turns creating characters, with Alyndrial (or Chris) sort of being CEO.

Adventures afoot!

Silverkin Mercenary Company

Alyndrial Virkkit storytrek